This cover follows the typical conventions of most gossip magazine covers. It contains bright images and text, which makes the magazine stand out and grasp the audience’s attention. 

Danielle Lloyd is the main attraction for this magazine and this is obvious from the text and large image used. The mid-close up shot of Danielle takes up most of the page and is used to attract audiences who admire her or are interested in celebrity lives. The red bullet points containing Danielle’s quotations informs readers that the magazine includes an exclusive interview with her. This is backed up by a statement written below saying ‘ world exclusive interview: first interview since she got back with teddy’. Again this encourages audiences who admire Danielle to purchase the magazine. 

The top of the page contains an image of a celebrity couple followed by a bold statement informing readers about the couples wedding. There wedding is referred to a ‘ secret’ which is written in yellow in comparison to the rest of the pink statement to draw attention to this word. This makes audiences curious about the couples wedding and so they purchase the magazine to find out more. The animated hearts added to the couple’s image signifies that the couple are in love. 

The main audience for this magazine can be women as many women are interested in celebrity lives and this magazine is full of celebrity gossip. Also this magazine may cater for working class people, as £1.65 is a low price to pay for a magazine, which lasts for a whole week.

The word ‘heat’ is written in large, red and bold letters making the magazines institution stand out. The colour red signifies heat, which can explain why the magazines producers used this colour. Also the statement written above the word heat ‘this week’s hottest celebrity news’ goes well with the magazine name, as the word hot is associated with heat.