SCRIPTI1. INT.   House --  Morning

Close up- Alarm beeps.
Long shot - Zara jumping out of bed, excited. 

Clsoe up of mouth-  Zara brushing teeth.

Close up of hair-  Zara plaiting hair.

Close up of eyes-  Zara putting  glasses on.

Close up of jumper-  Zara putting Jumper on.

Mid shot of Zara back going towards the door.

Long shot of mum coming towards her with lunch in hand, '' dont forget your lunch, have a lovely day at school sweety''

Shot of mothers back kissing Zaras forehead- Face hidden

Mother moves back - Zaras face revealed.

--End of Scene--

EXT. School Corridor- Morning

Serena and Friends walking through corridoor -- Long shot (Slow Motion)

ZARA stares smiling and says "Hi, where is the reception" as they approach

Close Up - Serena gives dirty look

Long Shot - Girls walk by ignoring her giggling.

--End of Scene--

INT. Common Room - Afternoon

ZARA sits alone - Long Shot

SERENA and friends Enter

They signal for ZARA to move, as its their seats

They laugh at her jumper and point as she walks away alone

--End of Scene--

Ext.. School Gates - Late afternoon

ZARA walking out crying
SERENA and Friends barge past gigglingZARA's glasses fall

CLOSE-UP Broken glasses on the floor

SERENA walks off saying "OOPS!" without helping

ZARA searches for her glasses in panic.

BLURRED VISION - Zara crosses road

Flashes of light in blurred vision


Shots of Ambulance lights


--End of Scene--


MUM- Visits ZARAS grave

Close up on Flowers on Grave

Close up on teary eye



MUSIC starts

long shot of ZARA's ghost 

Quick shots of ZARA walking out

Her movement goes back and forth from fast motion to slow motion.

INT.  SERENA's House (beginning of hauntings)

SERENA at home

Serena on FB Chat

Close up of FB chatup pop up,  the name 4eyes is shown and the person writes "I can see you"


sudden knock on the door


She goes to the front door, on the mat lays familiar spectacles.

She screams 

INT. School toilets (Kathys Haunting)

KATHY putting eyeliner on

Close up of eye

Shot of mirror reflection close up

Shot of mirror reflection mid shot, ZARA walks in the background

KATHY suddenly turns around

Close up, eyeliner drops

No one is there.

KATHY scared - Close up

--End of scene--

INT. House (Kimmys haunting)

KIMMY in her room

Photo of her and Serena and Kathy

Close up of hand on picture lifting it up

Close up of holes on the eyes of the picture

KIMMY's face in shock

Photo Drops, Frame Smashes - Slow motion

--End of Scene--

INT. SERENA house (Serenas Haunting)

Moon - Night

Close up of superglue

Serena sleeping

Close up of ZARA putting superglue on her eyes

Sun - Morning

Serena screams trying to open her eyes 


All girls talking

Worried looks on their faces


EXT. Graveyard

Girls search for her grave to look for answers

ZARA's Blurry vision coming towards them

girls scream


Music stops


One quick close up shot of ZARA's eyes closed (make up of eyes on her eyelids)

Her eyes suddenly open , shes holding a knife