This trailer starts of with informing the audience about the institution of the film, 20th century fox. This could attract fans of the 20th century fox company. At the start of the trailer two adults are talking about a girl called Emily, this initiates how Emily may be one of the main characters and this is later proven throughout the trailer. The discussion between the two adults introduces the narrative of the film by hinting the death of a partner, which causes the need to move away. 

The lighting through out the trailer is fairly dull which sets the mysterious and sinister mood of the film. The first half of the trailer contains slow music in the background as this half of the trailer is setting the story. The tone then changes in the middle of the trailer with a big bang noise and all the creepy and scary behaviours of the girl are shown. This shows how the movie is more then about relationships and a troubled family, it has elements of horror, fear and suspense. 

 This film has a great emphasise on children and child-like behaviours, which makes the story scary as children are associated with innocence, thus making then evil creates a frightening story. The title of the film ‘hide and seek’ contributes to the emphasise of child like behaviours as hide and seek is a very popular children’s game. Many parts of the trailer are connected to this title such as the counting of numbers, which is echoed in the background and the reference to the word ‘game’ which is used by Emily. Also at the end of the trailer Emily uses the typical phrase ‘come out come out were ever you are’, which is used in the standard hide and seek game. However in this context this phrase does not seem innocent due to the narrative we have been told during the trailer about the Emily’s strange behaviours. 

Emily in this trailer is sometimes shown with a doll. This doll is a signifier and signifies horror, as dolls are used in many succesful movies such as Childs play to scare audiences. Also the writing written in blood on the bathroom tiles connotes death and horror as death and horror are associated with blood. Also the knife being taking out the holder by someone creates mystery, as we are unaware of who is doing this and what their plans are. The knife also signifies terror and death as knifes are associated with killings.

 The trailer ends with lots of fast shots and music building to an explosion. Once the explosion occurs the films name ‘Hide and seek’ takes the screen, informing readers about the title of the movie. After this Emily is shown again reflecting her major role in the film. This is followed by the release date of the film to inform audiences when the film is available to view. The films name and release date could have been purposely placed at the end of the trailer so that audiences would be able to remember this important information.




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